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Recordings featuring Joey Pafumi On Drums

Devil's Playground-Buddaheads

Real-The Buddaheads

Every Now And Then-Buddaheads

Howlin At The Moon-Stewart Smith



Finally Gotten Over You-Walter Trout


Stuart Smith--Heaven & Earth--1999

Nutty-Nutty One-2000

Buddaheads--Go For Broke-2000

Coco Montoya--Suspicion--2001


Walter Trout Relentless--2003

Walter Trout Relentless The Concert--2003 DVD

Buddaheads--Howlin At The Moon--2004

XYZ --Rainy Days-2005

XYZ--Forbidden Demos--2005

Walter Trout-Full Circle--2006

Steve Fister--Dodgin Buletts--2006

Walter Trout-Hardcore Power Trio--2007


 Full CD releases featuring Joey on drums

Photo Taken at the 2007 Denmark Smukkeste Festival , Skanderborg

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